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Matte Paint


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2K matte alloy paint

Product features:

matte effect, smooth, excellent weather resistance, strong adhesion

Suitable substrate:

stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, aluminum alloy, copper and iron parts, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ABS, PVC, etc


Stir well before use

The corresponding hardener and special diluent should be selected according to different temperatures during construction

It is recommended to polish and remove rust and oil from the substrate before construction

Storage life: Original tank cover storage 25℃/2 years

Package specifications: 4L

Construction requirements:

A. Cleaning: Clean the surface of the substrate. It is recommended to polish and remove rust, oil, and dust.

B. Mixing ratio (volume ratio) : 2K matte solid advertising paint + special hardener + adhesion enhancing diluent. (5 :1 :3-4 )

C. Construction viscosity: 15 ~ 18 seconds /25℃, coating -4 cups

D. Activation (available) time: > 2 hours, 25℃

E. Number of spray channels and film thickness: 2~3 single wet spray channels, 30 ~ 50um

F. Flash drying time: 5 ~ 10 min /25℃

G. Drying time: non-stick dust needs about 30min, self-drying at 25℃/3h without finger indentation,Bake at 60℃/30min. .

Gloss (60℃ gloss meter) : about 30℃ or so (can also be used for advertising paint special dimming agent further extinction adjustment)

Newly come-outs are Matte Black(2K), Matte white(2K), Matte deep red(2K), Matte medium yellow(2K), Matte standard blue(2K), Matte standard green(2K), Matt Clearcoat(3:1:1)(by 580 hardener), Matte Black(1K)

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