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MESTEO High Chroma High Concentration Acrylic Auto Paint Wholesale Spray Good Coverage Car Paint HS 2K Lemon Yellow M213


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We could bring the best quality, competitive price, soonest delivery and professional service to you!


2K Topcoat: Lemon Yellow M213
Characteristic: Yellow masterbatch with green phase, good coverage, high chroma, VOC.


Auto Paint, Car Paint, Automotive Paint
Car Refinish, Auto Refinish ------

Substrates Dried and sanded existing finishes, 1K or 2K Primer
Surface Cleaning Remove wax, silicon and other contaminations with degreaser.
Mixing Ratio below 18 degree
2K Solid Colors    100 parts
Fast Drying Hardener  50 parts
Thinner            10-30 parts
18-24 degree
2K Solid Colors      100 parts
Standard Hardener    50 parts
thinner      10-30 parts
25-30 degree
2K Solid colors      100 parts
Standard Hardener  50 parts
Thinner      10-30 parts
Above 30 degree
2K Solid Colors      100 parts
Slow Drying Hardener   50 parts
Thinner              10-30 parts
Pot Life 2 hours, 25 degree;  4 hours, 25 degree
NO. of Coats 2-3 coats, 40-60um
Flash-off time At 25 degree, 5-10 minutes between coats, allow 15-20minutes flash-off time before baking
Sandability and Polishabiility Dust particles and minor damages or sagging area can be sanded out with P2000 paper wet after the finish is completely dry. Compound and polish to restore gloss.
Spray Gun &
Gravity Feed        1.2-1.5mm          3-5kg/cm 2
Siphon Feed        1.4-1.7mm          3-5kg/cm 2
Drying Time Temperature Dust Free Tack Free Dry to Handle Thorough Dry
25 degree 45 minutes 2-3 hours 10 hours 7 days
70 degree 5 minutes 10 minutes 25 minutes 60 minutes
Shelf life 2 years in original sealed can at cool and dry place at 20 degree
Packaging 1L, 4L,1Gallon, 20L

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